The Totally Redesigned FA-1C0


A starscape appears and then begins rotating around the camera, gaining speed until the stars appear as horizontal lines. The FA-1C0 enters the from from the right, its hull seeming to vibrate to convey its speed. The pulse drive glows white, rolling like boiling water.

            Meet the all-new 2107 Ford FA-1C0, according to
            DrivePulse the fastest, safest, and most
            reliable T6 in the galaxy.

The city of Detroit at sunset viewed from Lake St. Clair. The skyline glints and gleams in the long rays of light. The FA-1C0 zooms toward the camera, feet above the Detroit River, through the center of view.

            Equally at home in atmosphere or space, the
            pulse drive has been enhanced with breakthroughs
            in thermal management engineering.

A block diagram of the new engine, highlighting the new Entropy Conversion Unit.

            You'll have fuel to spare after making three
            trips around the globe, without even having to
            stop for entropy displacement.


The FA-1C0 navigates amongst much bulkier, dirty ships, stopped for service. They are moored against an arm of the station. The FA-1C0 drives past the service station to the docks, spins around and backs up to a dock. It is unloaded, reloaded, and then drives off out of view.

            Interplanetary delivery is where it really
            shines. Backed by popular demand, Ford has
            developed a pulse driven platform that can make
            a round trip from Earth to Mars.


The cockpit door rolls up into the ceiling, revealing the dash panel. Its lights and screens glow in the dimly lit space. The camera moves forward, revealing the plush captain's chair. The dash is glossy carbon fiber, rimmed with a red pinstripe. The heads up display activates, seeming to rise from the dash.

            Never lose a firefight to bandits again.
            Microsoft HUDhub 8 provides all the targeting
            and timing information you need to keep you,
            your passengers, and your cargo safe.


The FA-1C0 sits on landing gear, with the bottom hatch open. A pair of pilots walk down the ramp, laughing together. Several white and red lights cast a glow underneath the ship.

            Starting at 158,000 credits, you can't afford
            not to drive one today. The FA-1C0 pays for
            itself. Visit your Ford dealership today.
            Special 1.9% financing available for well-
            qualified buyers.

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