Software Projects

I’m a self-taught coder with a variety of interests. I prefer JavaScript and C++, but I’ve also worked with BASH, Python, Rust, and more.



An in-memory database for Node.js that essentially provides a type safe layer over JSON.


C++, QT4
Gratuitous screenshot

An IDE for awesome window manager themes that supports lua syntax highlighting, search and replace, window tiling, persistent settings, and previewing configuration via Xephyr (xorg-server-xephyr).

Novel Builder


Build novels with Markdown. It is a BASH script that uses Pandoc to convert Markdown sources to PDF (both manuscript and paperback formatting) and EPUB.

JWM (Jay’s DWM)


My own personal fork of the infamous dwm. Ported to C++ from C and built using the Meson build system. Patches added: autostart and systray.

rc.lua Revisited


A by-hand cleanup of the default awesome window manager config file. Readme includes a diatribe about what irks me about the original.

Host Battery Applet

Swift, JavaScript/Node

A server/client pair that reads battery information on the host and feeds it over IP to the MacOS High Sierra client.